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Modern Metal Fabrication  

Barbecue Project

3 Credits
Longer course but still entry level!

This course was designed around still teaching the original welding fundamentals but using the strengths of the plasma table to quickly create parts to be used in a much larger assembly. This will also include an introductory look at Fusion 360 3D design software which is used to create the initial model. Many students in our shorter Basic Metal Fabrication course have been requesting a longer class with a more involved welding project so this is what we've came up with. We're also happy that we're able to integrate the Torchmate CNC plasma table into the course as well. This is a large professional machine that can knock out all the parts needed for our barbecues in just minutes.

The project itself was decided on primarily due to the many number of pieces that would be needed which would require substantial amounts of welding. We wanted it to be complex and somewhat difficult to fabricate, but not overkill. The plasma table and Fusion 360 integration really makes this possible and adds a much greater educational factor. In all our courses we try to show a larger view of the manufacturing process rather than just the single skill-set and this new course revision really hits that mark. We currently have created a couple different barbecue designs that we can modify in class to a small degree. We have a limited amount of material per student which ends up making a small to medium sized grill. Incidentally, if you don't want a barbecue, these could also make decent planter boxes or similar.


  • CAD Software Overview - Fusion 360
  • Designing products for manufacturing
  • CAD design principles
  • CAM - Creating toolpaths for CNC Machines
  • Basic g-code commands

CNC Plasma Table
  • Basic machine functions
  • Importing the g-code
  • Indexing the machine
  • Preparing the machine for operation
  • Safety precautions
  • Running the program

  • Welding types and methods (MIG, TIG, Arc and Gas)
  • Choosing the right machine for the job
  • Machine settings
  • Overall safety and best practices
  • Welding the various joints
  • Break test (Being able to weld a joint that won't break)
  • Where to buy equipment, tools, consumables and pricing
  • Forming metal (Gas torch, hammer, press)
  • All shop fabrication tools (Die grinder, angle grinder, hand drills, drill press, and more)

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