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Aerial Heavy-Lift Service Platform  

5 Credits

This is a "Design Team" curriculum*

Information here will change as it's further developed

Prerequisite: Industrial UAV Systems
This is a second level UAV course where students will work together to develop an aerial vehicle capable of performing legitimate and valuable services. Currently we're hoping to achieve a lift capability of 40Kg.

* Design Team courses are for students interested in working on new projects where the curriculum has not been completely defined. This means there could be many challenges along the way, and depending on the class's chosen direction or methodology, the completion of the project is not guaranteed. The learning and project involvement is more of the intent rather than the end product. This course concept is definitely not for everyone, but for some folks it's a great experience.


This course is a group effort to build a large scale vehicle capable of lifting realistic work loads. What we mean by this is something that you would find frequently being done by strong laborers or machinery such as roofing material, plywood sheets, fluid containers for spraying, toolboxes, and similar materials. Our current build will lift a bit over 200 pounds. Successive builds could either redesign or add onto this vehicle.

What we want students to get out of this class is an understanding of what's needed to build a vehicle of this class and how to do this from individual components rather than spending thousands of dollars on a manufactured proprietary vehicle. While reducing cost is important, the benefit is in the customization available when an individual understands all the elements needed and can then purpose build the vehicle to the specific task rather than trying to get an "out of the box" drone to work in a not so ideal situation. On example we often talk about in class is that instead of having a store bought drone cabled to say a pack of shingles, the shingle carrying box is built into the frame of the vehicle and becomes part of the unit. In a way, the shingles are the drone. This becomes possible because our students are so familiar the electronics as well as the physical structural components.

Because of the ever changing nature of this class, it will always be considered a Design Team course. The curriculum will keep moving forward as does the technology. We feel this makes it a great class for anyone interested in getting into UAV/UAS as a professional field. Keep in mind that this would also tie in well with our UAV/UAS Certification course. You will need your CFR14 Part 107 certification to make money (commercial) as well as other certifications, memberships and waivers for larger vehicles.

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