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Intro to Electronics and Automation  

5 Credits

This is an extension to the Production Electronics course where we'll be moving into the programming of various robotic elements. This is still considered a beginner level course, and Production Electronics is not a prerequisite. The course design is such that previous Production Electronics students will have a chance to review many previous learned topics yet learning how these elements are applied in an industrial automation environment. New students will get to see immediate practical usage of all typical electronic elements while still maintaining a comfortable pace for full understanding. Class topics will continue to develop.

Assumed class start date will be December 3rd and only 11am to 1pm time frame for the moment.

  • Basic passive/discrete electronic components and their function
  • Overview of PCB design and manufacture
  • Power control (voltage regulation, switching)
  • Cable making, shrink tubing and potting
  • Basic mechanical automation elements
  • Motor Control (PWM, H-Bridges, Microstepping Drivers)
  • Understand the various electronic test equipment and where to use them
  • Functional use of Multimeters (Volt, Amp and Ohm readings), Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Insulation Testers (Megger)
  • Develop professional soldering skills
  • Understand what makes a good soldering station
  • Programming Microcontrollers (C/C++)
  • Basic PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) understanding and implementation
  • Developing simple automation tasks
  • Electrical safety (Specifically high voltage risks)
  • Linear Motion Systems
  • Mechanical Drive Systems
  • CAD/CAM overview pertaining to robotic hardware development
  • CNC overview
  • Relays - Mechanical and Solid State
  • Learn to understand and design Schematics, Blueprints and related documentation
  • Learn the understand and find online manuals, datasheets, and any related technical information
  • Machine safety (lock out tag out)
  • Troubleshooting and testing operation of machinery and automation systems
  • Use of shop measurement tools (Calipers, Micrometers, Dial Indicators, Hand Scales, Thermal Gauges)
  • Learn basic electronic troubleshooting techniques to find faulty elements (Down to the individual PCB component, root cause analysis)
  • Learn basic troubleshooting techniques to find faulty mechanical components
  • Develop strong documentation habits (maintenance records, shift tie in notes)
  • Learn to communicate in both high and low levels (summarize vs technical details)
  • Learn to develop an understanding of the full system to be able to communicate or work outside of your establilshed area if needed
  • Learn to perform fitness inspections of operational equipment to proactively determine near faulty elements

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