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Winged Unmanned Aircraft Design  

This is a *Design Team curriculum

This new course is the latest in our series of applied robotic programs. While similar in concept to our Industrial UAV Systems course, this class deals with more physical model construction and possible upgrading and structural redesign elements. While this does contain a fair amount of electronics and radio control concepts, there won't be any of the control systems tuning and software configuration as in the UAV course. This could be considered a precursor to the Industrial UAV Systems course, but it is not a prerequisite.

As with most of our courses you'll find multiple teaching objectives within this curriculum. The ability to convert any vehicle or machine to remote operation is one of our primary goals, but the basic characteristics of flight, advanced composite materials, 3d design, and part fabrication are also large elements of the class. An interesting side topic from choosing unmanned aircraft as a technology training focus is that because of the inherent damage potential for these vehicles, students have to become very skilled at quick troubleshooting and repairs, often in the field. Balancing the design parameters of aerodynamics, speed, agility and weight become much more complicated when coupled with limited cost, assured damage, and product availability. As a final note, the airframe will come from a predetermined kit package but the potential modifications are decided in class. Each student will work on their own vehicle, yet still working together as a group to solve major issues.

  • RF Technology
  • Video Transmission
  • Aircraft Components
  • Composite Reinforcements
  • 3D Design
  • Materials and Part Fabrication
  • CNC Machining
  • Stress and Damage Assessment
  • Electronic Control Systems
  • Soldering
  • Wiring and Cable making
  • FCC Regulations
  • FAA Regulations

* Design Team courses are for students interested in working on new projects where the curriculum has not been completely defined. This means there could be many challenges along the way, and depending on the class's chosen direction or methodology, the completion of the project is not guaranteed. The learning and project involvement is more of the intent rather than the end product. This course concept is definitely not for everyone, but for some folks it's a great experience. Keep in mind though that any course currently in "Design Team" status has to potential to become a standard course as the workflow gets resolved.

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