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Fidget Friday  

Are we really jumping on the bandwagon and making fidget spinners? Yes we are!

The Fidget Spinner is the perfect project that we've been looking for to get young people into 3D design and CNC manufacturing. In the first day we'll learn to use Fusion 360 3D design software from Autodesk to model the spinner. Then the second day we'll go out to the shop and learn about CNC machinery and how it is an invaluable element in modern manufacturing. Everyone will learn how these work, but parents and staff will handle the actual operation. For the third day we'll work on sanding, polishing and coating the spinner. This might even include anodizing.

We think this is a terrific new addition to our Family Series of course and hope to see you in class.

Parents that are new to our facility, feel free to come by and visit.


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