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Industrial Automation - Maintenance and Control Systems  

2 Credits
Prerequisites: Industrial Automation or similar experience

This is the second level course in our Industrial Automation series. In the first Industrial Automation course we studied building and developing our automated mechanisms and systems. Now in IA - Maintenance and Control Systems we will still build our machinery from scratch as before but we will focus on monitoring the continued use of the system, controlling the supply line of all maintenance needs, and recording real time statistics over time.

The primary goals of this course are to first decide on our group project, build it, and then have it operate with as little human interaction as possible. We look to the aerospace industry specifically for our application but these concepts can easily be adapted to any industry. We see the industrial production system in many areas as an ever changing stage and having in-house staff trained with the right skill-set to be agile in the practical, cost effective application of robotic technology as a much more valuable asset then always turning to outside vendors.


C++ Programming - Continued Study
Microchip variations (Arduino Uno, Leonardo, Mega, Feather, Atmel ATtiny, PIC microcontrollers)
Arduino IDE Software
MPLAB IDE Software - Integrated Development Environment designed for PIC microcontrollers
I2C Communication Protocol
Data Logging
Increasing Production Flow through automation and statistical data
Monitoring and Control
          - Counting iterations
          - Fuel delivery
          - Flow regulation
          - PH Monitoring
          - Light quality
          - Color recognition
CATIA 3d Design
CNC machining of various parts
3D printing of various parts

What we feel make our series of Industrial Automation courses different from many programs is the constant integration of many disparate disciplines. This is not just an electronics course. This is not just a fabrication course. We use CATIA 3D design to develop our systems, machine or 3d print our parts, and choose, solder and program the electronic components all ourselves. All this as well as consider that these are full scale real industrial systems often with heavy duty motors and high voltage power.

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