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Course Catalog > Aerospace Manufacturing Training > Paine Field Airport Lab (WATR/EDCC) > Aerospace Composites (NEW CERT)


19 Credits

Certificate in Aerospace Composites provides the introduction to manufacturing safety and composites used in aerospace. The certificate includes 10 modules (Introduction to Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, Electrical and Fire Safety, Workplace Safety, tool and Machine Safety, Material Handling Safety, Hazardous Material Safety, Composite Manufacturing, and Composites Repair I & II.)

Prerequisite: Aerospace Manufacturing Core Online Certificate and Assessment must be completed to take this certificate.

Special notes: Future employers may perform background checks and drug testing.

Students are required to achieve a minimum of 3.0 (80%) on all online quizzes and on the final face-to-face test in order to receive a Certificate of Completion and move on to their specialty program.

Class Availability: For future class availability or if you have questions about registration, please call (425) 640-1840.


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