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3D Design and Machining  

Autodesk Fusion 360
5 Credits

This is an entry level course for students interested in engineering 3d design software and high-tech manufacturing. Students will learn the basics of various 3D Design applications, milling software to create toolpaths, and the actual operation of CNC machines to produce their own physical parts. For those that are planning on, or have built their own CNC machines in our Mechanical Automation Systems Engineering course, this class is the perfect way to get a better understanding on what you can do with your mills.

All the class topics tie in perfectly with the overall point of the Applied Science and Manufacturing organization to show students how PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and the tools therein are realistically implemented throughout a modern aerospace organization. What this means is that each day we learn to design parts and then physically manufacture them on any one of our several CNC machines. This shows students in detail, the connection between software and machine as well as understanding the complications in the manufacturing process. In class we are now focusing on Fusion 360 but we'll also touch on other 3d design software such as CATIA, Solidworks, VisualMill, FreeCad and any other current systems.

Topics covered:

3D Design - Basic Features
  • User interface
  • 2D Sketch tools
  • Hotkeys
  • Solid modeling features
  • Boolean Operations for use in mold design
  • Creating Joints (Assemblies)
  • Formulas
  • Learning to design properly for the complications of manufacturing
  • Computer Aid Manufacturing (CAM) software
  • Creating Toolpaths
  • Exporting g-code
  • CNC Mill operation

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