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5.0 Credits

Leading-Edge Composite Design, Manufacturing and Repair

NOTE - This is NOT the snowboard class.
Applied Composites

We're always developing new material for all our classes in attempt to get as "real life" as possible. While we'd love to just build our own aircraft, boat or automotive, that's just not quite possible (We've actually almost been able to do this but lacked the facility). So what I'm planning on implementing in this class is the creation of larger, class spanning lab to create an RC boat hull that will follow and apply all the principles we learn along the way. We will include all facets of the actual marine/aircraft industry such as creating the mold, ply layup, rib/stringer construction, body joining and sealing. We will have access to all our advance materials (Carbon, Kevlar and fiberglass) taking this well beyond the typical RC model design. The model will be around 30-40 inches long and, at least initially, be a hydroplane design but more will follow if this works out well. This is all in conjunction with our other class labs and no previous content is being removed.

A few bullet points to help potential students:
  • This is an entry level class but continues well past the basics

  • Our students are typically Boeing technicians and engineers but individuals from all fields are welcome.

  • This course was primarily developed for people looking for career in aerospace composites or to further their existing career
    and meets several composite and other "green lights".

  • This is not an online or "hybrid" class where you work at home. Classes are in person and very hands-on.

  • Damian has been teaching composites and manufacturing technology for many years; always closely involved with those in aerospace.

Damian Cianci and his team instruct this robust training course to educate students in the advanced principles used throughout the composite industry. Located in the heart of Northwest aerospace, Damian has been proud to work with all the local technicians and engineers for many years.

The initial portion of class covers all the important basics regarding composites manufacturing and repair. We quickly move beyond this into advanced materials and methods used throughout much of the industry. For training material we closely follow the FAA guidelines but have many other valuable sources as well. The majority of our students in the various Applied Science and Manufacturing courses are aerospace employed technicians and engineers they bring to us current and specific knowledge of processes and materials used throughout the area. Beyond that, we continually look into other fields besides aerospace to see what their challenges are. Marine and automotive are big players but with the continued technology expansion and new companies in the game, knowledge and creative uses of composite materials are spreading fast.

Damian continually develops this course as new technology emerges. He's has been teaching technology and manufacturing courses with the college for over fourteen years and his delivery of this program has received many accolades from the aerospace community and has helped many students find employment in the aerospace composite field.

Important points for those looking to enroll:

Entry level course - No prerequisites
Several Labs - Almost daily - Lecture and labs integrated
Class usually meets twice a week - 3 hour sessions - day and night classes often available.

Basic Objectives:

Basic Composites Materials

      Core Materials
      Surface Preparation

Manufacturing Methods

      Wet Hand Lay-up, Vacuum Bagging, Ply Cutting, Autoclaves and Ovens
      Liquid Composite or Infusion Molding
      Filament Winding and Automated Tape Lay-Up
      Compression Molding and Pultrusion

Repair Techniques

      Classification of Damage
      Inspection and Documentation of Damage
      Repair Techniques


      General Shop Safety
      Hazardous Materials
      Hazardous Waste Disposal
      Safety Data Sheets (Previously MSDS)
      FOD (Foreign Object Debris)

Advanced Objectives

Continuing beyond the skills and methods learned in the introductory section, students learn about integrating technologies, cutting edge materials, new processes, advanced skills and principles.

Product Lifecycle Management
    How this pervades all levels of manufacturing

Basic math skills
         Math applied to real shop needs (Addition, subtraction, fractions, ratios)

Further mold making techniques
           With and without vacuum bag
     Molding plaster
     Polyurethane (foam and solid)
     Aluminum (CNC milled)

Introduction to CATIA and 3D Modeling
     Used to design tooling for composite mold making

CNC tooling (mold making)
     Millable wax

Mold post preparation (primarily for use with cheaper tooling)
     MDF – sanding and epoxy finish
     Foam – fiberglass coating and polishing

Laminate Labs
     Comparison of various laminate structures
         Core vs no core
     Material comparison – carbon, aramid, glass
     Ply orientation comparison
     Stress analysis of all these structures
         Longitudinal deflection, compression, torsion, shear, peal, and tension

Infusion labs
     Vacuum infuse a 3 ply carbon fiber panel

Filament winding / roll wrapping lab
     Use a small 3D printed tool to make a filament wound part

Honeycomb with carbon fiber prepreg lab
     Manufacture a small floor panel
     Hot bonder programming and operation

Repair labs
     Laminate ply sanding practice
     Damage repair
     Honeycomb floor panel repair
         More use of hot bonders


No prior experience in composites is needed in order to enroll in this course. Since some of the reference material is online, students should have a computer with Internet access.

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The Business Training Center of Edmonds Community College has been "off-campus" in the heart of the community providing practical industry focused education for over 17 years.


Item: M746  Credits: 4.00  DAMIAN CIANCI, BRENDON SEAVER
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Location: WATR Center  0146
Sessions: 20 Tu Th 3008 100th ST SW Everett, WA 98204
3/6/2018 - 5/10/2018