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Mechanical Design - Part Design Fundamentals  

5 Credits

Mechanical Design - Part Design Fundamentals

This course is designed for the student with little or no experience in CATIA or Computer Aided Drafting. Class covers all the objectives for the Dassault Systems CATIA "Part Design Specialist" certification including labs and quizzes to help build memory retention.

What does Certification mean?
IT Certifications are created by industry leaders such as Dassault Systems to prove your skill in the field. These are rigorous tests that can only be delivered by an authorized testing center. With the Dassault Systems Part Design Specialist certification you will have 75 minutes to complete 70 questions with a passing score of 75%. All testing centers are secured and monitored.

CATIA Certification Homepage

Topics to be covered:
•Utilizing the common tools and interface of CATIA
•Working comfortably with the various view manipulations
•Using and recognizing the various toolbars and commands
•Creating profiles in Sketcher to learn the use of geometry, constraints and analysis
•Working with Part Design for feature creation and modification, filleting, and drafts
•Understanding and manipulating the Specification Tree
•Using the compass to manipulate structures and parts
•Creating various hole types and tolerances
•Creating simple assemblies
•Functioning in a multi-plane environment
•Using lofting techniques to seam planes
•Creating surfaces with points, angles, and splines
•Creating slots, shafts, and grooves from profile
•Using Boolean operations to create parts from individual solids
•Mirroring and duplicating surfaces
•Basic Wireframe design
•Splitting, trimming, and extrapolating in wireframe
•Understanding Assembly Save Management, Part organization, and updating
•Learning basic Generative Drafting concepts
Textbook included.

If you would like to visit our lab and talk with the instructor, please call 425.640.1840 for an appointment.

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